The Accokeek Foundation offers unique opportunities for volunteers who want to be a part of preserving the cultural history, natural resources, and agriculture of Southern Maryland.

With the support of almost 500 volunteers each year, the Foundation offers engaging and educational programs to the community.  Volunteers work alongside staff members to help steward and maintain Piscataway Park, provide event and program support, and engage the community.

Whether you just want to volunteer for the day, or are looking for a regular volunteer position, we have opportunities to fit all interests and skill levels.

Learn more about the Accokeek Foundation and how volunteers help support our mission. To apply to volunter, or if you have any questions, contact volunteer coordinator Kaylin Beach at or call 301-283-2113. We look forward to having you volunteer with us!

Professional and Pro-Bono Volunteers
Interested in honing your professional skills and building your resume while supporting the foundation? Let us know about your skills and experience and we may have volunteer projects that can put those skills and experience to work.

Student Service Learning
The Accokeek Foundation is an approved student service learning site with the Prince George’s and Charles County school systems, offering volunteer opportunities for earned service-learning credit hours. Whether volunteering as an individual or within a group, students enjoy learning about history, agriculture, and environmental sustainability. Note: Volunteers under the age of 16 must have a parent or guardian accompany them while volunteering on site.

Boy and Girl Scouts
Are you a boy or girl scout looking for a troop service opportunity or an Eagle/Gold project? We can work with you or your troop on service projects designed to fit your interests!

Corporate and Group Volunteering
Volunteering is a great team-building activity. Corporate and civic organizations have participated in group projects such as tree planting, shoreline and trail maintenance, greenhouse construction, and special projects at the National Colonial Farm. You can contact the volunteer coordinator at to schedule a volunteer project for your group.

Questions? Contact the volunteer coordinator at

Garden Guild

accokeek foundationGarden Guild volunteers will work alongside staff to maintain the heirloom gardens of Piscataway Park. Volunteers will channel creative ingenuity to utilize regenerative agriculture techniques in order to maintain gardens demonstrating various cultural food traditions. 

Among the demonstration areas are an 18th century kitchen garden, Museum Garden (Garden of Three Continents), and native forest gardens–each with unique stories to tell.

Responsibilities may include:

  • During the growing season: planting, weeding, watering, pest management, harvesting, and seed saving.
  • During the off-season: starting seed, prepping beds, caring for seedlings, planning for the season.
Livestock Farmhands

Livestock Farmhands: Spend your Sundays preserving rare and heritage livestock breeds. Cows, and hogs, and sheep–Oh My!

If you love animals and would like to spend a few hours each week working on the farm, join the Livestock Farmhands volunteer team to assist with the successful management of our Heritage Livestock Program. Volunteers will work closely with staff members to help feed, clean the barn, repair livestock fencing, clear brush, maintain pasture and barnyard areas, and more.

The animals we manage as part of our program are: American Milking Devon Cattle, Hog Island Sheep, Ossabaw Hogs, Silver Rabbits, and various heritage poultry breeds. No previous experience is necessary to join, but volunteers must be comfortable around large animals and animals with horns.

Grounds Crew

Grounds Crew: Through a cooperative agreement with the National Park Service, the Accokeek Foundation stewards 200 acres of Piscataway Park.

Grounds Crew volunteers will assist staff with the day-to-day maintenance of the park and its facilities.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Ground maintenance such as mowing, weed whacking, mulching, and cleanup
  • Trail maintenance
  • Building upkeep such as cleaning, painting, and general repairs
  • Fence building and repairs
  • Site prep for public and private events

No previous experience is necessary, but volunteers should be comfortable working outdoors in varying weather conditions. Some lifting may be required.

Stitch 'n Time

16771124827_566a209ea1_mStitch ‘n Time: From sheep to skein, learn (or share your expertise) to pick, wash, card, dye, spin, knit, and crochet heritage wool. We sew colonial clothing too!

Stitch ‘n Time is a volunteer based textiles club where members enjoy learning about the cultivation of wool and cotton, and colonial textiles.

Volunteers meet on the fourth Saturday of every month from 1-4 pm, in addition to completing at-home volunteer projects between meetings. Meetings will focus on various steps in the processing of wool from the foundation’s Hog Island sheep flock, and some meetings will take place on the National Colonial Farm as part of the Foundation’s weekend interpretation program.

Hog Island sheep are a critically endangered breed of sheep with less than 200 sheep registered in the US each year. Products produced by the Stitch ‘n Time club are sold to support the foundation’s Heritage breed preservation program.

Volunteers are expected to regularly attend monthly meetings and contribute to fiber processing to the best of their abilities.

No previous experience is needed. We accept both experienced and novice fiber artists interested in: sewing, knitting, crochet, spinning, dyeing, weaving, and felting. The club has some equipment and notions available for check out (ex. wheels, spindles, crochet hooks, knitting needles, hand carders, wool combs, etc.), but encourages volunteers with their own to bring them along or use them at home.

Visitor Center Volunteers

Visitor Center Volunteers: The Accokeek Foundation is seeking volunteers to help staff the Visitor Center and Gift Shop in Piscataway Park. The Visitor Center is open to guests Tuesday-Sunday from 10 am to 4 pm, March-December.

The Visitor Center serves as a welcome center to thousands of park visitors each year. Visitor Center volunteers will welcome guests, help orient them to the park, answer phone inquiries, promote Foundation events and programs, and process gift shop sales.

Volunteers should have basic administrative skills and proficiency working with Microsoft Office. Previous experience with a POS system (like Square) is a plus. Volunteers should have excellent customer service skills and should be available to work at least 2-3 shifts each month.

Accokeek Ambassadors: Outreach

Accokeek Ambassadors: Outreach Volunteers: The Accokeek Foundation is in search of volunteers to assist with community outreach throughout the year.

Outreach volunteers will attend community events to help promote the Foundation’s mission, programs, and events. Depending on the nature of the outreach event, volunteers may be teaching about a topic related to the Foundation’s mission, or they may be providing event guests with information about the Foundation and its programs.

Possible events may include: tabling at public festivals, visiting partner organizations/schools, attending CFC and other workplace giving charity fairs, and/or recruiting new members and volunteers at Accokeek Foundation events.

Training will be provided to all volunteers. Volunteers should have excellent communication skills and should be comfortable speaking to people and engaging with event audiences.

Bluebird Monitors

Bluebird Monitors: The Eastern Bluebird is one of the most vibrant critters you will meet on a visit to Piscataway Park, but unfortunately they face fierce habitat competition from invasive bird species.

The Bluebird Monitor volunteer program monitors a trail of 20 nest boxes to ensure that these native cavity nesters have a safe place to build their nests each year. Volunteers protect the nests from pests and predators, while also collecting important data on egg and hatchling numbers. The season runs February-August, and monitors are assigned specific weekends each season to perform their duties.

No previous experience is required but volunteers must be trained in best practices of nest monitoring, including how to deal with pests and predators, how to make basic box fixes, and how to collect and report data.

*Please e-mail Kaylin Beach at for more information or to volunteer for any of the above events.