Birding at Piscataway Park

Piscataway Park provides natural habit for many migratory and overwintering birds. Birders will delight in observing great heron, ducks, geese, bald eagles, osprey, woodpeckers, cardinals, goldfinches, and other familiar “backyard birds” from bird observation blinds, or just by walking around the park.

Bluebird Monitoring

Over the years, a great deal of natural land has been cleared for residential, industrial and agricultural development. In the process, old trees that once provided habitat to cavity-nesting birds – including the Eastern bluebird – have been cut down. The most important step that we can take to help bring back the bluebird is to provide them with suitable nesting sites. This is why, each year between March and August, a group of volunteers monitor the 20 nest boxes which follow a one and half mile loop around Piscataway Park.

Conservation Pond

Constructed in 1992 with the assistance of the Prince George’s County Soil Conservation District, this pond serves as a form of sediment control. The Conservation Pond provides natural habitat for many wildlife, as well as a water and food source for birds, beavers, and other wildlife. This pond collects water runoff from the site, reducing the amount of sediment that goes into the river.

The pond can be accessed via the Persimmon Trail located directly behind the barnyard.

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