Group Tours

Not only does the Accokeek Foundation at Piscataway Park provide beautiful, scenic views and adventurous activities for visitors to enjoy, but we also provide unique and exciting group service packages to enhance your park experience. These package include but are not limited to team building exercises, leisurely parties, family excursions, and more!

All group tours are available May – October.

To schedule a group tour, contact us at 301-283-2113 or send your request online:

Tour Options

Garden Tales & Tea

At the National Colonial Farm, our gardens tell stories. Explore the botanical roots of Maryland’s foundational cultures (Native American, African American, and English) and see how our relationship with these heirloom plants has changed, along with our values, through the centuries. Our experts will guide you through three historic gardens on the National Colonial Farm, telling the tales of our horticultural past and offering tips on organic gardening to preserve the land for the future. Conclude your stroll with a glass of iced tea and homemade baked goods beneath our charming garden canopy.

Homesteading Team Building

In the old days, families and communities had to work together to survive and thrive. Reconnecting with skills our ancestors used can bring your group closer to each other and the planet. Come spend a day in the beautiful outdoors as our expert staff helps your group to make meaningful connections to the land, as well as each other. Experience team-building challenges, educational games, and real,  hands-on agricultural activities. In an environment that couldn’t be more different from the office, we offer your group the opportunity to leave their laptops and dig in the dirt! It’s an invigorating experience that ends with a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Escape Farm

What’s even more fun than getting trapped in a room with your favorite friends, family members, and co-workers? Getting together and having to escape the realms of the National Colonial Farm! Escape Farm allows you and your group to work together and solve interactive and challenging puzzles to fix the time machine that trapped you inside colonial 1770. Perform colonial themed challenges, uncover clues, work as a team, and get back to modern day in a unique twist on this fun, team-building phenomenon.

Colonial Immersion Evening

Experience what colonial life on a farm was really like in the 1700’s. Dress up with your family, friends, or co-workers and step back in time for an immersive 18th century farm life experience. Face colonial time challenges and extend from the comfort of technology and modern leisure to embrace this exciting and unique opportunity with your group. Activities may include churning butter, spinning wool, candle dripping, preparing a colonial meal, and more!

Outdoor Movie Night

Enjoy a night at the movies set against the historical backdrop of the colonial farm. We’ll provide screen set-up, audio and visual equipment, popcorn, and refreshments. You provide the movie and the guests.