Let’s Go Geocaching at Piscataway Park!

The Accokeek Foundation provides many recreational opportunities to explore and learn about the cultural and natural resources of Piscataway Park. Geocaching is one of the more fun ways to get out and discover this national park with friends and family.

What’s Geocaching?

A geocache (pronounced “geo-cash”) is a hidden treasure that one locates by using a GPS device. Geocaching is for adventure seekers all around the world who want to get outside and play. A geotrail, like the Captain John Smith Geotrail, is a series of geocaches linked by a common theme or topic.

How to Geocache?

Geocaching is simple using a hand-held GPS unit or your smartphone, and a free Geocaching.com account to search for and begin your next adventure.


The caches at Piscataway Park are managed by Accokeek Foundation, along with the help of volunteers from the Maryland Geocaching Society. There are seven caches located in the park including three CJS geotrail caches, two Find Your Park geotrail caches, a traditional cache and a special Wherigo cache that will take you on a virtual tour of the farm. Please note that caches may not be placed without permission by the Accokeek Foundation and the National Park Service.

“Geocaching is not about finding the cache, it’s about the adventure of finding the cache, and the stories you share.” — Spike Porter, Maryland Geocaching Society member and geocacher

For more information about caching at Piscataway Park, contact visitor services or call 301-283-2113.