Headshot- Justin Carty
Museum Educator
  • Best Accokeek Memory

My first time shearing a sheep!

  • Favorite Part of the Farm

The Colonial Site.

  • If I could be one of the farm animals…

Does Jack the livestock guard dog count? Because if so, then Jack.

Justin has a hunger for adventure. That’s what led him to Accokeek. He believes that the history of this land needs to be embraced and taught to younger generations. Justin is a man of strong faith. His faith is not in a specific creed, but in people. He knows in his heart that if people are educated on their history they can begin to make sense of their present. Armed with the knowledge given to him from the people of this foundation, Justin knows that he is capable of sparking the imagination of every visitor he has the privilege of meeting!

In his spare time, Justin likes to read books and watch videos about subjects he knows little about. Right now, he’s rereading a book about the history of bananas! He has a passion for working with kids, as that is his job when he is not out on the farm. J-dizzy, as no one calls him, treasures every second he gets to dedicate to his favorite craft, acting. The goal that he has in his heart is to be a professional actor!