Museum Interpreter
  • Best Accokeek Memory

My most memorable time would be seeing the reactions of a group of visitors. They tried so desperately to give me advice and see if I would break character. They said the laughter was merely cover for the tears hidden inside. The history itself impacted them but seeing it come to life brought it to an entirely different level.

  • Favorite Part of the Farm

I enjoy the animals but I mostly enjoy bringing the past to life and seeing the reactions of visitors.

  • If I could be one of the farm animals…

A sheep

Joy White is a local actress in the D.C. metro area. She has a degree in communications and enjoys working with children. She has created the character of Mary Ann Sole, sister to Cate Sharper who is a former slave now freed. I have always had a passion of turning imagination into a thing of reality. If I can bring you into the reality I am portraying then I have done my job as an actor. Allow me to take you on this journey. Joy is one of the lead actresses on the television series, A Series of One.