Manager of Education


  • Best Accokeek Memory

One morning before a school tour we walked out on the colonial site to find that the hogs had escaped during the night. We had to rush to chase them back into their pen before the students arrived, and we kept falling down in the mud while they continued to run past us. We managed to get them locked back up again just as the students showed up – and they had no idea the trouble we’d just been through. Every day out there is an adventure!

  • Favorite Part of the Farm

The Pumpkin Ash Trail boardwalk

  • If I could be one of the farm animals…

Can I be a goat instead? If it has to be one of these I’d be a hog, because they’re the most clever

Ashley’s dream job is to be a time traveler. Since she hasn’t finished her time machine yet, working at the Accokeek Foundation is the next best thing. Whether she’s pretending to travel through time as an Eco-Explorer Captain during school tours, playing Mrs. Bolton on the National Colonial Farm during the weekends, or just sitting in the office doing scheduling tours and doing research, every day is a new adventure.

After a few years as a high school English teacher, Ashley came to the Foundation looking for an opportunity to remain an educator but not spend all day within the four walls of a classroom. She believes strongly in the power of asking thought-provoking questions, engaging kids (and adults!) in interactive activities, and teaching everyone that they have the most amazing super power in the world – the power to change the future.

When she’s not at work, you can find her baking delicious muffins, playing with her many pets (especially her dogs and goats), or spending time with her husband Christopher, who is very tolerant of her overactive imagination.