1. Hello I am hoping to start a 100+ acre farm next year. It will either be in Maine, Missouri or Nova Scotia! So I have diligently trying to learn as much as I can over the past few years. My grandparents were farmers plus come from a long line of Quakers & Mennonites. Which probably explains why I only have eyes for heritage breeds… chickens, ducks, cows, sheep, pigs, with a smattering of geese and turkeys (for my 1st line of guardians for my other flocks/herds). I am short in my knowledge of a # of heritage pig breeds. Love your Ossabaws they are so cute. About 48-50 yrs ago was there a breed of very large pigs that looked like Holsteins weighed in around 1000-1300 lbs were gentle giants, always herded together. Supposedly even then they were becoming rare. I have tried to track them down but have had no luck. Do not suppose anyone there knows which breed I’m talking about?

    • Hi Nancy, have you had a chance to check out the breed directory at the Livestock Conservancy? It’s been very helpful to us when researching heritage animal breeds. We recommend looking into the Meishan and Hereford hog breeds. Meishan’s are known for being very docile, but they do not weigh as much as you describe. The Hereford is known for its docile disposition and color pattern resembling Hereford cattle. They are larger than the Meishan’s weighing in at around 600-800 lbs. We hope this helps you in your search, and we applaud you for your interest in working with heritage breeds!

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