Piscataway Park was founded to preserve the view from George Washington’s Mount Vernon, but has preserved and sustains so much more.


Rich in history, tradition, and culture, Piscataway Park conserves open spaces in contrast to surrounding urbanization. It is an oasis within the metropolitan region of our nation’s capital. 


We seek to honor the indigenous practices and values that have shaped the park for more than 10,000 years and countless generations: Generosity, Sharing, and Reciprocity in relationships; Respect for all living things; and careful Stewardship of the natural environment.


These values point toward the importance of preparing the way for future generationswhile remembering and learning from the past.


We learn from stories of European contact and colonization, the evolution of agriculture in the region against the backdrop of slavery, emancipation, Jim Crow, the Civil Rights Movement, and the American Indian Movement.


We’re committed to telling a truly authentic, inclusive story of this landscape.


From theatre performances to wildflower hikes, birdwatching adventures to outings with experts versed in Piscataway Park’s natural and cultural history: Our outdoor programs offer exciting opportunities to gain new perspectives on the park you love.


The Accokeek Foundation is so much more than a refuge, farm, museum, and volunteer opportunity. The innovative programs and experiences we provide help people to reconnect with the land and are at the cornerstone of our mission.


Piscataway Park’s preservation story began with a few passionate families who didn’t want to see their surrounding ecosystems destroyed. They wanted to preserve a piece of national history—thank you for safeguarding that legacy for the future. 


This December, we invite you to make a lasting impact on the park you love.


The Accokeek Foundation’s donors ensure that Piscataway Park has a steady, year-round source of funding to safeguard the park’s treasures. We rely on individual donations to support educational programs that serve thousands of visitors and schoolchildren each year and preserve the 200 acres of Piscataway Park that we steward.


Your year-end gift of today will sustain the Accokeek Foundation in Piscataway Park through the rest of the year and jump-start our work in 2020. Together, we can protect the park’s natural and cultural resources; connect the public to outdoor experiences; and fund projects and programs.