Piscataway Cultural Landscape

To honor Piscataway Park’s identity as part of the traditional homeland of Maryland’s Piscataway people the Accokeek Foundation embarked on the Piscataway Cultural Landscape Initiative. Its goal? Provide visitors with opportunities to gain a deeper understanding of this landscape’s significance to Piscataway people, past and present, while also providing members of the Piscataway community with opportunities to share their history and culture with each other and with the general public. The Foundation’s exhibit “Piscataway Connections to the Land,” created from oral history interviews with Piscataway elders, carries the Piscataway story beyond the park.

Piscataway Connections exhibit on display at the Maryland Traditions ALTA awards ceremony; January 2014

Piscataway Publications and Traveling Exhibit

The Accokeek Foundation has expanded interpretation of Native heritage and culture with several publications about Piscataway Indians.  A brochure, a poster for children, a poster for general audiences, and a bookmark have been developed with guidance from Native American scholars and support from the National Park Service, Chesapeake Bay Gateways and Watertrails Network.

These publications are available for free to the public at the Museum Gift Shop and Visitor Center.

As steward of this unique, historically-significant site in Piscataway Park, the Accokeek Foundation seeks to deepen the public’s appreciation of the ancestral presence of Piscataway Indians in the area, as well as contemporary Piscataways’ commitment to preserve and share its culture. In 2013, the Accokeek Foundation launched an oral history project to collect stories from Piscataway elders and key tribal members. These stories and shared values provided content for a traveling exhibit on “Piscataway Connections.”

Contact info@accokeek.org to request copies of materials or to reserve the traveling exhibit for your educational program on Maryland’s Indigenous people’s heritage and culture.

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