In partnership with the National Park Service, the Accokeek Foundation maintains six nature trails in Piscataway Park. The Adopt-A-Trail program seeks to engage organizations and community members interested in helping maintain these trails to keep them safe and well-groomed for the park’s 20,000 visitors each year. Adopters will schedule and perform regular trails sweeps throughout the designated length of adoption, and will be responsible for reporting trail conditions to the foundation’s Site Manager.

Responsibilities may include:

  • Clearing overgrown brush
  • Removing fallen tree limbs
  • Removing trash on and around the trail
  • Reporting issues
  • Helping out with infrastructure projects, such as maintaining bridges, boardwalks, and trail signs, and re-establishing footpaths

No previous experience is necessary, but volunteers will be required to receive pre-service training before beginning trail maintenance duties.

Time Requirements:
Trail Adopters will be required to perform trail maintenance once a month during the height of the season, and every six weeks at the end of the season. Scheduling is flexible.

This is a great opportunity for businesses, communities, boy and girl scout troops, classrooms, clubs, groups of friends, or families to give back to their community by helping us protect a great local resource and outdoor classroom.

How to Adopt

Your organization/group must fill out the Adopt-A-Trail Application and submit it to Casey Lowe at All volunteers must receive orientation and training before beginning their trail maintenance. After successfully completing this training, adopters can begin work on their trail.

Don’t have an organization? – No worries! Individuals, families and estates can all adopt trails, also.

If your organization is lacking in “manpower,” but still has a desire to help, in-kind or monetary donations are also welcome in order to help maintain the trails. Remember – every little bit helps. It is only through your efforts that The Foundation’s trails will remain accessible and in pristine condition for all who come to enjoy them.

View details on all of the Trails available for Adoption: